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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Binding Your Quilt

For my binding I use 2 1/4" folded WST (wrong sides together) . While attaching my binding to the top of my quilt I use 1/4" stitch foot. Use the two videos below to help you with the corners and joining the binding at the end. I then fold my binding over to the backside of the quilt and stitch in the ditch from the front. Practice Practice!! You will get it also.

Here are two videos that I found helpful this first one is about joining your ends when you had done attaching your binding to the quilt and the second one is doing the mitered corners...First video...Second video

The pictures below is to show how to join your strips to make one long binding strip. The first picture shows you where to stitch when you put the second strip RST (right side together) on top of the first strip. I show the stitching in blue so that it can been seen. The second photo shows how it should look once pressed and open. After that you can trim off 1/4" away from the stitch line. Make sure its how you want it before you cut.

Enjoy stitchin'

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