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Saturday, January 9, 2010

How I started Quilting!

How I started quilting?? You ask.

Well it was back in 2003. I was getting married in June and I thought (in Febuary) what a neat idea to give wallhanging quilts to the bridesmaids!! So I went to the local quilt store in Centerville and browsed the store looking for a quilt design I liked. Well I found it!! A double wedding ring pattern!! The name is perfect!! So I bought the Quiltsmart Double Wedding Ring and a book by Judy Martin. I had 4 months to complete 5 quilts!! Yes you heard me 5!! I made 4 of the Double Wedding Ring wallhanging, now let me think of the colors...blue, green, purple, and I can't think of the 4th one!! What about the 5th quilt? Well for the maid-of-honor which was my sister I made her "Shakespeare in the Park" from the Judy Martin book and made it a twin size. Can you believe it she still has it!!! I should have her take a picture of it. Nah!! Well she wants me to make another one in orange and blue. Hmmm, I'll have to see about that.

A few years ago (ok maybe over 3 years ago) I discovered rag quilting!! And love it! Its sooo fast and easy!! I now have a machine that has a 8.5" square with the fringe already cut for me!!! Check out my store...
I have a few listed there and can do custom orders!!

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