Hi there! Welcome to "Piece a Quilt" by Joey Strange. This blog is going to be about my love of quilting!! And hopefully helping you to start one of your own. I once was a beginner and would love to help you too. Also I'll be giving tips, posting pictures of quilts, anything else pertaining to quilting, and sewing projects. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where to start?

You will need the basic items...sewing machine, needles, threads, rulers, rotary cutter & mat, and mostly important: FABRIC.

You will need to practice cutting your fabric into nice STRAIGHT strips. If you can't accomplish this with the rotary cutter and ruler. You can visit the June Tailor site for this Shape Cut Ruler. I could not cut straight for a very long time and that ruler helped me out!! Then I practiced and practice cutting on very ulgy fabric until I got confident to cut on the pretty fabric.

Now on to piecing/sewing. In the quilting world, we use the 1/4" seam allowance unless otherwise told. I have a very special foot that helps me achieve this 1/4" seam. BECAUSE IT IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! Here is what the foot looks like...

See that guide!! This foot is awesome and will help you achieve that 1/4" seam allowance too. Sew practice sewing your squares together. Here is a hint. When pressing your squares try and press it to the darker fabric. 


  1. I need one a special foot for my machine!

  2. There is a trick you can do with painters tape or any other tape. Measure 1/4" from the needle and layer the tape on top of each other. Then sew your line and measure it to make sure it is 1/4". I will find the easiest and fastest way to do things.