Hi there! Welcome to "Piece a Quilt" by Joey Strange. This blog is going to be about my love of quilting!! And hopefully helping you to start one of your own. I once was a beginner and would love to help you too. Also I'll be giving tips, posting pictures of quilts, anything else pertaining to quilting, and sewing projects. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Quilting Tips

1. Use the chain method whenever possible. Makes your sewing that much faster and easier!

2. Stitch with the darker fabric on the bottom.

3. Have a bowl next to your machine to catch all those snipped threads.

4. Sew a piece of fabric at the start of your project to save on thread. This also helps for your points not to go into the throat of your machine.

5. Stack what you need to sew and place it next to your machine.

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