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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Picking a Sewing Machine

Man, oh Man!! With sew many sewing machines out there which one to chose? If you are new to sewing or quilting---TEST DRIVE THEM ALL!!! My first machine was a BROTHER and it was a good work horse for the price. But then I knew that I wanted to make more quilts and not waste my precious time. So when I was looking into buying another machine. I took a look at my Brother and wrote the Pro's and Con's about it. For my next machine I want the bobbin on top. So that I can quickly open the case take out the old and put the newer one inside without having to take my arm off an on (sewing arm, not my arm. LOL). Another important feature it had to have was that the feed dogs have to GO DOWN for free motion quilting! A nice sewing space to the right of the needle with you have to quilt your project. It needs to have a tension dial and a stitch width & length. On many newer machine models they have what is called a adjustable pressure foot pressure. This allows you to adjust the height of the presser foot in its lowered position to accommodate the loft of thicker quilts. A couple of foots to have with your machine: 1/4" foot, walking foot, and free-motion/darning foot.

  1. Bobbin on top for easy access
  2. Feed dogs to lower (for free motion quilting)
  3. Good size sewing area (right of needle)
  4. Tension dial and a stitch width & length
  5. Adjustable presser foot pressure
  6. Foots: 1/4", walking, and free-motion/darning foot
I ended buying a Viking and LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! But don't take my word. TEST DRIVE!! TEST DRIVE!!

Happy Stitchin'


  1. Joey, I have a Viking, too, and love it. I have had many other brands along the way, and recommend using a reputable dealer. Don't buy in the bargain stores. The dealer usually offers instruction, warranty coverage, and will gladly answer any questions, to find the right machine for you, your needs, and budget. My dealer is great!! They even have machines similar in price to the bargain stores, but much better quality, plus free lessons!! You can't compare that to some store who only puts your machine on a shelf for you to cart to the register with your milk. Find a dealer!