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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Quilting Terms for Beginnings

These terms I believe all beginning quilters should know or begin with:

  • Fabric Stash: stash of fabric bought with no project in mind. It's good to keep an assortment on hand! I have Breast Cancer and Patriotic and Flannel Fabrics in my store if you are into making those kinds of quilts. 
  • Accurate 1/4" seam: you can accomplish this one with a 1/4" foot. Comes separately from your machine.
  • yard: equals to 36" length of fabric (some fabrics are 42"-45" wide)
  • fat quarter: measures 18"x22" of fabric
  • fat eighth: measures 11"x18" of fabric
  • regular quarter or 1/4th of a yard: measures 9" wide x the length of the fabric
  • basting: long stitches used to hold fabric layers or seams in place temporarily and usually removed after final sewing
  • batting: middle layer of a quilt
  • sandwich: (I like hard salami. JK.) Actually there is a term called quilt sandwich meaning 3 layers
  • sashing: the fabric that separates the blocks
  •  bias: the diagonal direction across the surface of a woven fabric at a 45 degree angle to the line of the warp and weft
  •  binding: covers the raw edges of a quilt

Go to the site above for more quilting terms!!

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