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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Quilting Skill Levels

"Beginner, Intermediate, Advance, or Expert
These words have different meanings to us quilters.

Beginner is an easy one to define. You are just starting out. You are figuring out how to work and thread your sewing machine. You are learning simple quilting terms. 
  • rotary cutter 
  • accurate 1/4" seams (very important to learn)
  • bias, binding, backing, basting
  • fat quarter, jelly roll, a yard 
Intermediate to me is one that has mastered the beginner skills. You can accurately do a 1/4" seam!! You are trying more challenging patterns for yourself. You are having more success with your piecing, blocks are starting to measure correctly. You are gaining confidence in:
  • Choosing fabric
  • Comfortable with your machine
  • Setting in seams (ironing)
Advanced to me just means that you have mastered all the basic skills and terminology. You are starting to draft and design your own quilts or blocks, and learning more advanced skills to enhance your work. 

Expert means people are coming to you for advice, you are teaching, you are getting paid for your services, and you are still learning/growing. 

Don't let any of these terms scare you off a project. If you like the design and find it challenging ask a friend to help you out! Don't be shy to attempt anything. So, which one defines me? I would have to go with "Advanced". I've never entered any of my quilts into a show. That will be my challenge in the next 3 years! But I do feel that I have mastered all the basic skills and terminology.

Remember ""  Practice, Practice, Practice"!

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