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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Please Take Care of Your Machine

Do you take care of your machine?

I didn't for 2 years!!! Until that day when my machine stopped sewing. Yep, it just stopped sewing. I literally took the machine apart!! Yes, I did!! Wanted to know what was wrong with it by myself and not paying someone to find an easy fix or tell me what I'm NOT doing right!
I own two Vikings and love them! Sew what was wrong with the one that I regularly sewed on. Well after taking it completely apart and finding nothing wrong. I let it sit there for 2 days and continued working with my embroidery machine instead! Well after the 2 days and putting the machine back together. I finally found what was wrong!

Lint! Lint! Lint!

Lint had built up under the plate! Of course why not after 2 years!! Yep so here is my list of keeping my sewing machine running happy:
  • Clean under the throat plate. Better yet clean out the dust bunnies on a regular basis!!
  • DO NOT sew over needles or pins!!
  • Some recommend to change out the needle when you start a new project. (Ok, I don't do this...if the stitch is still straight and tension is not off, I continue to use that needle) But I do change the needle if the project calls for a different one!!
  • Oil as recommended and DO NOT use oil that has turned brown! YIKES!!
  • Use very good thread!! I use Madeira and sell some in my store.

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